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How do I sign up to The HSE? 

I want to see the transformations of other members, is there somewhere I can check this out?
We want to keep our clients transformations private and for when a member wants to share their wonderful journey and results, we have a private forum for you to hang out in to stay updated! Connect with one of our wellness coaches to gain access and please remember to respect the privacy of others, under no circumstances can any information in this forum be shared without permission.


What if I don’t like meditation or spiritual stuff?

Thats cool! You can skip that part of The HSE and instead spend time choosing what you would love to dive into and learn, no sweat!


I don’t need help with certain aspects of The HSE, should I still do it?

The HSE is designed to cater to your bioindivideal needs meaning you can go at your own pace but also decide what tools and resources you would love to use. So yes you can 100% still do The HSE if you feel some things won’t resonate with you or you’re already a pro in that topic, there is a huge library of resources within The HSE, we challenge you to finish it all (just warning you, that’s impossible).


Im not a good reader, will I struggle to do this program?

Don’t fret! We have some cool solutions for this. First of all a majority of our program is delivered via video and audio so you can dive into the materials while on your morning walk, commuting to work in the bus, train or car, while you’re cooking dinner or having a nice little self care bath time. For the materials that are written, we have a cool little trick to teach you. If you are on a Mac Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Dictation & Speech, then click Text to Speech. If you are on a windows PC usa this keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Enter and specify the text you want read to you.


I don’t read or speak English well, is The HSE program still good for me?

For all of our beautiful international members The HSE program has the option to be converted into the following languages, so you can still be apart of the program just as much as anyone – yay!

✔︎ English
✔︎ Spanish
✔︎ German
✔︎ French
✔︎ Finnish
✔︎ Danish
✔︎ Norwegian
✔︎ Swedish
✔︎ Polish
✔︎ Italian

What do I get as a member of The HSE program?

Where do we start…First of all, you have your very own wellness coach to guide and support you through the program, check in on you in intervals and keep you accountable, yep a real life person! No robots here. In addition to this you also get:

  • Access to our incredible team of world renown Online Health Professionals. Have a specific question? Ask in our facebook members page and we’ll have the appropriate person help you out from Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists and Dieticians, Psychologists, Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Yogis, PT’s, Energy Healers and Reiki Masters plus so much more.
  • Our Resource PDFs, which you can either view online or download and print, that provide you with additional information to support you; including your starter guide to track your results, shopping lists, healthy food swaps and main meal and snack ideas, exercise guides, goal setting activities, skin guides + so much more.
  • Videos supporting you through your wellness journey, filled with health hacks and education.
  • Exclusive lifetime access to our The HSE community online forum, connecting you with other women from around the world on the same health journey as you.


Can I share my membership?

The HSE is designed for you only – each membership gives you your personal membership login access and wellness coach, and access to the online community support forum where you can interact with all the other members of The HSE and health professionals around the world. We do however have an incentive for children, and any child up to the age of 18 gets their own bundle and access to our forum for free. Please ask your wellness coach about the details on how to link a child (can be anyone you know, not just your children) to The HSE program for free with your membership.


How much support will I get inside The HSE program?

As much as you need! You will have direct access to your wellness coach throughout the entire journey as well as our allied health professionals from across the globe within in community forum – between us all, we will get your questions answered. If you’re unable to get in touch with your wellness coach (maybe they’re on vacay or offline) please type your question into our online support group and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Because our online support page does get several questions daily, it could be easy for your question to be missed and if this is the case please use our customer support email address, where you can ask any questions at anytime (you can find our customer support email inside The HSE on your dashboard). We also suggest using our exclusive, members-only community forum often; where you can chat to other people going through the weeks with you, so you feel supported.


Can I do The HSE program if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our program is 100% safe for and supports all pregnant and breastfeeding mommas. As always though, it is recommended that you seek guidance from your health care practitioner before starting any new health routine or exercise regime, including The HSE program.


Can I do The HSE program if I work full time, will I have the time?

Yes, absolutely. This program is designed for the peeps on the run, we are masters in showing you how quick and easy healthy living can (and should!) be. The program is designed to allow you to go at your own pace and also self learn in your pockets of time, to suit different schedules. We give lots of tips and tricks for the busy bees.


Can I do The HSE program if I travel often?

As a global team of coaches and practitioners who are frequent travelers for work, we have had you in my mind whilst writing The HSE program so it can be followed from anywhere. This includes meals to make, the exercises, the challenges and all of our learning material is designed for you to access easily on your laptop, iPad or smart phone device so you can read up on the move.


Is this program great for those with eating disorders?

Two of our health pillars you will learn about within the program focuses on nutrition & eating with balance, and the other on mindset & mental health, helping you to build a healthy emotional relationship with food. We do touch on disordered eating, but in no way is this program designed to treat someone with a diagnosed eating disorder. If you have an eating disorder, we encourage you to see a psychologist and seek guidance from a medical professional.


I have a gym membership, do I keep it?

For sure! If you get the most out going to the gym, simply take our exercise guides there to workout. If you’re looking to save costs you can put your gym membership on pause and workout at home with them also.


Will I not benefit as much if I do the workouts at home?

Oh you’ll benefit either way, girlfriend! Our fitness plans are designed for you to do them either at home or the gym, you take your pick. We’ll guide you with the simple and cost effective equipment to have at home if working out in private resonates with you more. We know what its like walking into a gym and feeling like a total goose when you’re not sure how to use certain machines so we have you covered if you would like to workout at home. If you’re cool with the gym, you’ll have the confidence walking in there knowing what you’re doing too! Grab the nearest scrunchie, you can get down & sweaty as you like and not a soul will ever know if you’re a beginner or seasoned pro. Hehe.


Im interested in the exercise guides but what if I’m injured, pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a medical condition?

If you have an existing illness, injury, physical disability, or are pregnant, please consult your medical practitioner before beginning any fitness plan.

As for the superwomen breastfeeding her bub, it’s always advised to mention any new health and fitness plan you embark on to your doctor before you begin. Consider adjusting the intensity of your workouts to best fit your needs. We know the level of energy you need to be running after a tiny human, our program will fit in perfectly around family life to help you channel that inner Godess super mum within.


I’ve paid! Now what?

WHOOO! To access The HSE program, your wellness coach will need to set up your log in using your email. Once this is done you will receive an email (this can take up to 24 hours depending where you live in the world) with your username and password so you can start straight away! While you’re waiting, we suggest perusing our community forum and introduce yourself to the other ladies doing The HSE program with you, and make sure you go to the top of our exclusive community Facebook group where the settings are to make sure Updates are set to ‘ON’ – that way you don’t miss any special announcements.


What if I don’t like The HSE?

You will be bound to a life long contract with us when you join The HSE so… just kidding! Connect with your wellness coach to work through any concerns, we’re here to help and support in any way we can. But just saying, disliking The HSE is totally impossible 😉


Will I still have access to The HSE program after my first 16 week round is finished?

Every time you pay and renew your membership at the 16 week mark, you get access to the next round, which is different from the one before it. After round 2, when you renew you will again gain access to a new round, and a new round after that, and a new round after that. You get the point… each round is different from the next teaching you new things to up level your health as you get healthier, stronger, fitter and high vibe. If you decide not to renew your membership at any of the 16 week marks, you will loose access to your username and password login to the member platform where all our resources live. However once you become a member of The HSE you will have lifetime access to our community Facebook group so you can keep up to date and connected. If you want to keep being part of the program and the tools within it, just pay for the next round and you’re set!


Can you explain the payment options to me?

Sure can! We have different bundles available for you according to your health goals and needs, and also your budget. When you chat with your wellness coach they will explain the different bundles, how they will all benefit you in different ways and making sure we still work within your budget. Because we are a global program, your country and currency pricing of the bundles will vary, so just connect with your wellness coach so they can share the pricing.  To make this as seamless as possible, we use a secure online payment back office system – payment will be organised privately for your security with your wellness coach. Payments will come out on the date of subscription and each month after that. You can either choose to pay upfront for a discount or pay monthly. You can pause or cancel at any time.


I’m struggling to make a payment.

Uh oh! Thats ok we get it. Have a chat with your wellness coach about it and depending on the situation we are happy to be flexible and change your payment date to later in the month to suit you. We can also easily change or update payment details for you if you wish. We’re always here to give you a helping hand.


Will my personal information be kept private?

Abso-freaking-lutely. Our privacy policies are stronger than our abs. You can read them here.


How do I cancel or change my subscription?

You can upgrade or cancel your membership through either your customer portal or via your wellness coach. If you are upgrading your membership, please be mindful that the new bundle will be sent out to your postal address straight away unless a specific later date is requested for it to be sent out to you. If you are cancelling your membership, please note your payments will continue until your 16 week round has concluded (unless you have paid upfront).


I want to get in on the Facebook group action. Why hasn’t my request been accepted yet?

Our group is exclusive to our HSE tribe, and we’d love to have you in there! If things are moving slowly, it might be because your Facebook name isn’t the same as the name you used to sign up to The HSE with your wellness coach. If that’s the case, no problemo, just let your wellness coach know your Facebook name is different so we can cross check all the deets easily. There might be a tiny delay (our inbox is always buzzing with requests) but we’ll get to you ASAP!


I’ve messaged The HSE support but haven’t heard back.

The best way to contact us is via email, found on your member dashboard within The HSE member portal (facebook and instagram inbox enquiries unfortunately is not the best method of communication, there is no one manning the fort there just so you know). We’re so grateful to have an overflowing inbox with your questions because we want to help. We pride ourselves in having real people instead of robots in our HQ to help you out and our little fingies can only type so fast, so it can be a little like that scene out of Bruce Almighty when Bruce gets access to his emails (hehe). Don’t stress – we’re getting to your request as soon as we can gf, you’ll hear back usually within 1-2 business days.


I forgot my password!

We’ve been there before! Click on the ‘I forgot my password’ button and we’ll email you a reset link. We gotchu.


I didn’t receive the ‘reset password’ email.

Hmmm. Double check you’re using the email you signed up to with The HSE. Nada? How odd! Just shoot our support team an email. That email is found on the dashboard of your member portal.


The links in my emails aren’t working.

If it’s a link to Facebook, you’ll need to be a member of our exclusive private member group and signed in to see it.


What if I don’t have facebook?

99% of The HSE program will be found on our HSE member platform so you will not need facebook to do this program, however on the odd occasion we will share something from our members only facebook group via email. If you would love to see what this is, connect with your wellness coach to share those details with you, they’ll be happy to help. The facebook community group is a great place for connection and meeting others on the same health journey as you and if you would love to ask one of our Health Professionals a specific question, it will need to be through the facebook group. In the past we have had members create a facebook account solely for the use of using the community group and nothing else. Whats awesome about this? You get to make yourself a alter ego avatar if you like, pick a name you’ve always wanted, now thats fun!


I’m not getting all the weekly emails.

Oh no, you’re missing out! Usually they’re hanging out in your spam folder. Just make sure our email is entered correctly as safe and not a spammer. Also if you have ever unsubscribed from the emails, you will need to ask our support team to resubscribe you to them. Dope! The other problem may be a spelling error in your email, have your wellness coach check that out for you first and if still no luck contact our support team via the email found on your HSE member platform dashboard.


My wellness coach is unreachable at the moment, who can I speak with?

Please email our customer support and we’ll get back to you while your wellness coach is probs globe trotting somewhere and/or having some down time. We have your back & we’d love to hear from you! Our email found inside your HSE member platform dashboard.


What about my family – can they eat the meals too?

Our recipes are 100% family friendly, and we’ll assure you we’ll have even the busiest of easters drooling over our yummy & healthy food. Our suggestion is to encourage family members to join you and even have them keep you accountable. Show them how delicious The HSE healthy foods can be and we always find it fun to have your family involved in choosing some type of fun family reward together for the end when you reach your health goal. Did someone say Disneyland? Watch them eat that broccoli!


What if I don’t like some of the included ingredients?

We have healthy swap ideas to suit all dietary needs and likes. Trying something new can be slightly out of your comfort zone we know, but give it a go! We have a feeling we can change your mind and by flooding your body with the whole food nutrition we advocate, we’ve even seen taste buds change and bodies ask for more of the healthy foods they never used to like. Its pretty cool!


I’m allergic or intolerant to certain things. What are my substitute options?

You’re not alone! Here’s how you can work around it:

〰️ Dairy milk = Opt for nut milks like almond or coconut, rice, oat, or hemp varieties.
〰️ Other Dairy = Soy, rice and coconut alternatives to yoghurt, ice cream, cheese, and cream are the best! Usually found at all good health food stores.
〰️ Fructose = You can use chives or the green leafy part of spring onions to replace onions and garlic. Also check out asafoetida, this is an awesome spice replacement. Please be mindful that fructose intolerances and thresholds may vary from each person as we all have our own bio individual needs, so this can be subjective.
〰️ Eggs = firm or silken tofu scrambled is the
〰️ Eggs for baking = ½ cup mashed banana OR ½ apple puree OR 1 tbs chia seeds soaked in 3 tbs water all equal 1 egg. How cool is that!
〰️ Whole Nuts =  roasted chickpeas, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower kernels.
〰️ Crushed Nuts = Desiccated coconut, ground seeds like sunflower or pumpkin, or milled oat/wheat bran are great alternatives. This can be done in a food processor or a powerful blender.
〰️ Wheat/Gluten = Corn, buckwheat, chickpea and rice (brown is best), coconut and quinoa flours, as well as polenta, millet, and amaranth are all amazing and work just as good if not better in our opinion.
〰️ Breakfast Grains = Gluten-free oats, millet flakes, puffed rice, and quinoa (seeds, flakes or puffs).


Are snacks and treats included?

OF COURSE!! We’re all about healthy snacks and treats – because life is meant to be enjoyed!! Ours are easy ones to make at home and pack and take with you, so you can avoid all those temptations out there that won’t serve or fuel your body. They also all have a pre-requisite, must be delicious to be HSE approved. Just check out our snack recipes section within The HSE and go bananas. Share your creations with us by using our hashtag #TheHSE so we can creep your feasts and cheer you on.


What if I don’t have time to cook?

We know you’re always on the run! All of our recipes explain how many servings they make, usually one cooking sesh will sort out two to four meals. If you have a busy week ahead just double the ingredients to make extra. You can also try making breakfast the night before so you can whizz out early in the morning, or buying ingredients in pre-cut, pre-cooked form! We also suggest doing the cooking in bulk – make a few meals for a bunch of upcoming days at once for the entire week, that’s what Sunday nights are for! Don’t worry, you’ll be a #mealprepPRO in no time, we’ll teach you all about that!


How much water should I be drinking?

So many of us are walking around totally dehydrated which is the usually the main root cause for illnesses, build up of toxins in our body, skin breakouts and also hunger and cravings! We recommend a litre of water for every 22kg of body weight per day – even more if you’re using our exercise programs at a high intensity. The best rule of thumb is if your pee is not clear, you need to drink more water. Getting a tiny bit bored of plain water? Try adding some slices of fresh lime, lemon, berries, mint or orange to zest it up. We also love a drop of essential oils like peppermint too if they’re the pure grade and ingestible form.

Drinking enough water every day can prevent headaches caused by dehydration, boost the appearance of your skin (sayonara pimples), help with circulation, increase your athletic performance, help take out the trash from your body like toxins, help you loose weight AND keep you fuller for longer. Who’s thirsty now?


Can I eat at cafes or restaurants?

OMG YASSS! We are huge advocates of tea dates, socialising over some yum’s and we’re all about experimenting with healthy and yummy foods at our favourite cafes and restaurants, especially if you’re travelling (it would be evil to say no to that question, we love food way too much). Here are some of our top tips on how to choose a healthy alternative from the menu, here are our tips:

  • It’s best to go easy (as in, don’t eat ’til you burst) eat light foods and follow our healthy ingredients and food shopping list from inside The HSE to guide you about the nasties to stay away from.
  • Avoid high sugar & high carb food items like processed foods, pastries, potato and bread etc, opt out and always ask what the healthy alternative is on their menu.
  • Pre plan and study the menu online before you go, and choose a high protein and vegetable meal, or salad and soup whenever possible, so you arrive with a plan to win.
  •  Do as the Parisians do and share a (healthy, preferably raw) dessert with a friend.
  •  Limit your alcohol intake – a couple of drinks here and there is totally fine, just be wary that anything more than that is just adding empty calories and sabotaging your results. We’ll talk more on that inside The HSE.
  •  We like to BYO kombucha instead of wine, serve it in a wine glass and voila… instead of taking a step back from all your hard work you’re loving on your body with some awesome probiotics and you feel good about yourself… #winning!

And if you do accidentally go a little cray cray on a heavy meal, don’t be hard on yourself! If today’s food situation wasn’t the best its no biggie! You’ll learn about our 80/20 rule inside The HSE and balance is extremely needed in your lifestyle on your journey to optimal wellness. We’re focusing on long-term goals, so just restart tomorrow in the right way with our meal guides and we’ll help you get back on track.


Can I do the program if I’m vegetarian, vegan, paleo, celiac or lactose intolerant?

Yes absolutely! We offer vegan & vegetarian swap options and most meals are gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free.


I’m not a vegetarian or vegan – will this program be good for me?

HELL YES SISTA! As much as we love plant-based foods, we’ve made it easy for the carnivores to make this program work for them too, because we’re all friends here. All of our recipes are meat free and give you plant-based protein ideas to use however we also have included the best source of animal protein for you to use instead for those meals too. Easy peasy!


Please note that while we are active on Facebook and Instagram all member enquiries do need to come through via email for us to guarantee that our team will be able to help you!


For as little as a cup of tea a day!