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How does it work?

Your 16-week online holistic health program that will nourish your mind, body & soul.

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The Healthstyle Emporium is an online program available worldwide. A program tailored to meet you where you currently are in your health journey and help you reach your individual goals to go wherever it is you want to go.


Whether you’re wanting to;

  • Lose weight
  • Improve your lifestyle, health & happiness
  • Introduce yoga, meditation & relaxation into your life
  • Decrease stress
  • Learn all there is to know about nutrition & exercise
  • Be kept accountable
  • Improve the appearance of your skin, hair & nails
  • Treat uncomfortable digestive issues
  • Have a support group where you know you’re not alone
  • Or you just want to improve your general overall well being, feeling & motivation


Then #TheHSE is for you… 

The beauty of this program is it’s tailored to your life, budget, likes and dislikes plus you get to go at a speed you are comfortable with. Whether you’re ready for dramatic change now and determined to take on all it is you need to do, or, you’re wanting to test the waters and go at your own pace. The choice is yours.

This program has a beautiful team of health professionals & wellness coaches who are involved together in your journey, people who are dedicated to sharing their wealth of knowledge and are available to you at any point in time during your program. You can scroll to the bottom of this page to get to know our team members better & their chosen fields of expertise.

The important thing to remember here is that this is not a diet, it’s not a ‘booty or bikini challenge’ or a ‘summer is coming’ fad program that will have you slipping back to old ways once you reach your goals. We take pride in taking a holistic and realistic approach to all of our programs, realising the importance in supporting you & guiding you along every bit of the way. You won’t be left feeling alone in the dark trying to figure it all out, in fact we are here 24/7 every day of the week to assist you in any way you need.

To top it all off, if you have children in your family between the ages of 4-18 years old – they’ll receive whole food nutrition for the course of your membership FOR FREE! Yup you read that correctly, whole foods for your babes on us!!! We are 100% believers in the importance of our children eating wholesome nourishing foods, to help them concentrate at school, to have energy and allow their growing bodies & brains to develop into healthy, happy delicious little humans. So not only will you be learning and nourishing yourself, but you can also include your little ones too and have them learning about, eating and craving nourishing foods rather than sugary & refined or processed foods (yes your kids will start to crave fruits & veggies – mark my word!). Talk to your wellness coach about our world wide health study where we monitor the health improvements of over 1 million children world wide, to see how your family can be eligible to be apart of our free study.

The program is a minimum 4 month program (but you can certainly stay longer) where you will receive:

  • Meal guides
  • Exercise guides
  • Shopping lists
  • Food journal
  • Yoga and meditation guides
  • Life coaching activities
  • Daily motivation
  • 100% natural, vegan & gluten free whole food nutraceutical bundle according to your goals
  • New weekly recipes from breakfast all the way through to dessert
  • Access to our monthly online educational workshops
  • Discounted tickets to regular events
  • Consistent check in consults
  • Access to The Healthstyle Emporium Support Group
  • 24/7 support from The Healthstyle Emporium team to answer all questions / concerns


What you can expect from joining the Emporium:

  • Increased energy & concentration throughout the day
  • Improved restful sleep
  • Healthier skin, hair, nails & overall feeling
  • Decreased cravings
  • Education on the food you’re eating & why
  • Increased immune system
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Decreased appearance of cellulite
  • A delicious wholesome diet full of variety
  • No restriction, no dieting, no deprivation
  • Overall increased wellbeing & quality of life
  • Plus so much more!

How it works


  • Heal your relationship with food, emotionally & physically
  • Teach you what your cravings mean and how to overcome them
  • Experience hormonal balance
  • Heal your gut, cleanse your liver and reboot your system with our Detoxifying Cleanse, taking the pressure off our organs, assisting in improving skin, digestion, and relief from bloating & constipation
  • Teach you how to cook healthy and delicious meals, friendly for all dietary restrictions and family sizes, and having fun doing so
  • Enable you to reach your balanced weight, learning new habits to eat well for life with shopping lists, main meal and snack ideas,and alternatives to coffee and alcohol
  • Learn to listen to your body and eat intuitively
  • With stress management, teaching you about how stress effects the body & how to overcome stress via simple measures and strategies
  • Self love and making peace with your body- it’s beautiful to experience what happens once you let go of dieting and calorie counting, and embrace eating nourishing whole foods
  • To live sugar free and use healthy food swaps, assisting you to uncover the links between energy, hormonal balance, food, exercise and sleep
  • Implement goal setting and vision boarding into your life, helping you maintain healthy routine and rituals in your life so you live each day with intent and fulfilment
  • Mindfulness and diving into the depths of spirituality if that is something that resonates with you
  • Have a restorative and energising sleep each night
  • Feel less guilt, fear and anxiety around your wellness



Think of The HSE as your virtual personal trainer, wellness accountability buddy, online health retreat and best friend – all at the convenience of being in your pocket & at your fingertips. With our global wellness coaches & health professionals, guides, challenges, videos and plans, you can stop searching all the overwhelming and contradicting information out there, and finally find all the information you need in one place.

✔︎ Our 16-week program is for you if you’ve ever struggled to find balance with food and your weight
✔︎ It’s for those who have tried dieting and/ or excessively exercising to no avail
✔︎ To the gorgeous woman who determines her worth by the number on the scales
✔︎ This program is for you if you’re tired of dieting, binging and feeling disconnected from your body
✔︎ For those who have gotten caught up in a toxic cycle of stress and emotional eating, or a lifestyle that is no longer serving them
✔︎ It’s great for those who find themselves lacking inspiration or motivation, looking to break free from the destructive cycle they’ve found themselves in
✔︎ It’s also for people who are doing all the ‘right’ things, but not seeing a difference
✔︎ This program is ideal for anyone who wants to embrace healthy living & learn about healing their bodies holistically
✔︎ If you feel like you don’t even know where to begin with your health journey then this program is for you!

This is a gorgeous program for beginners all the way through to the already health-conscious, because we all have to start somewhere & we also need to maintain.



Connect with one of our wellness coaches- you can find a coach who you resonate and connect with by searching our hashtag #TheHSEcoach on facebook and/or instagram. Don’t be shy, they’re beautiful humans who want to help & we promise they don’t bite. Once you get chatting to one of our wellness coaches & have access to our members only platform, you’ll find all our recipes, workouts, videos, tutorials, PDFs, ebook guides, resources and shopping lists live!
Log in using your email and password to access the program.


Gain lifetime (yep, you’re stuck with us forever!) exclusive access to our members-only online forum, connecting you to The HSE community around the world– the ultimate destination for support, answers to your questions, soul sisters on the same journey as you, ideas, health hacks, access to our world renown health professionals to answer your questions and HSE lovin. Double check your notifications are set to ‘ON’ in your Settings so you’re up to date on our special announcements.


Need help getting motivation moving your body?
Feel silly walking into a gym because you’re not really sure how to use all the equipment, and don’t want to be caught trying to read the machine instructions…eeeep!?

We get it, we’ve been there and so our exclusive exercise guide, THE MVMT,  has been written especially for our THE HSE members who want to get on top of their physical health goals.

Follow our easy to follow yoga, pilates, stretching & exercise guide in the comfort of your own home or at the gym, wherever you feel most comfortable. Our programs will boost your fitness and increase strength to levels you didn’t even know could exist, but did we mention how FUN it is?

Our workouts will leave you exhilarated with your heart pumping, skin sweaty, and mood soaring & excited by your progress – regardless of whether you’re a newbie or fitness pro, you’ll be waiting to do your next session. We’re not leaving you stranded either, with us by your side guiding you with easy to follow videos, you’re going to learn to exercise with great form to avoid injury, you’ll begin to enjoy running (yes, FOR REAL), become the yogi you’ve always dreamed of being, and see exactly what strength your beautiful body is made of with our fun HIIT sessions.

Give us just two weeks and you’ll start seeing results with your strength and your body. Awesome huh!?


You don’t have to wait for the next round to start, or the next Monday or even a new month (ditch those excuses girlfriend, no time like the now). We’ve set The HSE up so you can sign up and start anytime, from anywhere in the world*. We wanted to ensure that no-one would be limited to joining if a specific date didn’t suit them, so you will be guided the day you start via email support and one on one communication and coaching with your wellness coach! We have also created an online community forum, where you can chat to other participants, ask our program health professionals questions, share your wins and even share the not great moments, so you never feel alone on your journey.


Many people ask if this is a weight loss program, or if they can gain weight if that is a goal, and although this program will assist you to reach your most balanced weight for your bio individuality, weight loss and weight gain that is sustainable is a result from a healthy holistic lifestyle. Week 3, 4 & 5 goes in to depth about weight, and how reaching your balanced weight for your bio-individual needs will be met, but the principles in The HSE focuses on restoring your entire body and healing from the inside out – not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This will in turn allow your body to reach its optimal weight. It’s important to understand that gut health, sleep, stress, thyroid health, blood sugar balance, hormones, environmental factors, lifestyle habits and nutrition are all directly linked to weight loss and weight gain. Dieting, deprivation, calorie counting and weighing food may give you instant results, but it makes achieving your desired weight much more difficult in the long-term and this is not a sustainable or healthy way of living, which is why we do not advocate diets or any extreme weight loss strategies in The HSE. We’ll be teaching you about having that long term vision for your health, the type that lasts a lifetime, so we can empower you with habits that will allow you to prevent illness & maintain your desired goals forever.


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For as little as a cup of tea a day!