Your 16-week online holistic health program that will nourish your mind, body & soul.

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Love the body you’re in

With our online 16 week exercise program THE MVMT.

Made for beginners to experts.

✔︎ Kick start your metabolism    ✔︎ Change your shape   ✔︎ Feel confident & appreciate the beautiful skin you’re in
✔︎ For women of all body sizes & fitness levels.

THE MVMT exercise guide is FREE with The HSE online holistic program & comes with easy to follow videos + a full 16 week workout guide as a digital ebook thats easy to download or print.


What is THE MVMT?

This is a next level exercise program designed for people who’re at all stages of their health and wellness journey. It has been developed by Chani Thompson, INBA bikini world champion, who has incorporated her fitness competition knowledge & many years of experience in the health and fitness industry alongside her passion for holistic health to deliver a fun, focussed and effective program guaranteed to have you seeing results. THE MVMT alongside The HSE program & real time online support from our team of health professionals and wellness guru’s (no bots or automated messages here!) allows us to deliver to you the  support you need, without sacrificing quality, experience, qualifications, support or knowledge!

Once you join The HSE online program, you automatically gain access to our 16 week online exercise guide & you’ll immediately see WHY its works so well for thousands of women worldwide. They are diverse, comprehensive, easy to follow and filled with information that is outlined in an easy-to-learn format.

The best thing about it is its SO simple, making it easier for you to find the motivation you need to get your body moving!
You’ll find yourself looking forward to your next workout, just so you can test your body and be proud of how far you can go.

Each workout during the 16 weeks is presented in a basic format, making it easy for you to follow along with & get started right away. The program begins with smaller challenges, then builds up over the following weeks, to higher levels as your strength and fitness increases. If you would like to take it slower, you totally can too!

This allows you to not only see and feel the results as the weeks progress, but it also allows your body to continue adapting, avoiding a plateau in your results. Quick easy videos of each exercise are also included to ensure you have the best direction for form and technique, making sure you don’t injure yourself .

If you’re a beginner or even if you’re familiar with working out, our MVMT plan explains along the way why you should continue to move your body daily, teaching you the beautiful on flow effects it will have on your total body + mind wellness to keep you inspired to never give up.

Following THE MVMT exercise guide alongside our holistic program The HSE, you’ll quickly experience an incredible a total body and mind transformation with increased levels of endorphins, happy, stress free hormones, a happy healthy belly and nourished cells that will start loving you in the most amazing way. THE MVMT & THE HSE complement each other perfectly & you’ll soon see why.


THE MVMT has three levels of carefully programmed plans which are designed to diversify your training routine whilst increasing the intensity slowly as your fitness and strength increases. Each phase has been designed to suit every individual fitness level and skill ability.


Years have been spent solely on the development of THE MVMT program with hours of vigorous testing on ourselves & clients, refining the programs and ensuring that it really does deliver for each fitness level, skill ability.


For the busy lady needing to get a workout in, find it easier with more time for exercise with THE MVMTs short and effective workouts.


How do you prefer to work out? At home or in the gym? Either way, THE MVMT guide allows you to workout however your preferred training style is.


THE MVMT has helped thousands of women to not only become fitter and stronger, but more confident with clothing sitting more loosely, skin brightening,

All you need to do is log in, turn up and start exercising.



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For as little as a cup of tea a day!