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“My overall goal for this was to love myself and the skin I’m in. My psoriasis has been my biggest challenge physically, mentally and spiritually for the past 9 years. I have struggled for so long, trying every product out there looking for some relief. Always failing.

I am finally feeling confident in my skin and happy within myself. I am no longer trying to hide my skin from people and I am wearing outfits that I haven’t worn in ages as I feared how my skin would show and what people would think of me.

This program has pushed me out of my comfort zone and brought my motivation for healthy living back in force. I’m proud of my results, in weight loss, strength building, improvements in my skin and mental health. I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support here.”


“My years of suffering from really bad acne has gone!

The top 2 photos were taken about a year ago and these photos weren’t even the worst of it, I had days where I called into work and school sick because I just hated my skin and I would stand there and cry in the mirror looking at myself, my bad skin days started back in year 9 at school, not just on my face but on my back as well. I had really bad self esteem issues because I couldn’t even wear a singlet with out my back acne showing and getting bullied about it. My mum bought me every single acne treatment she could find, and even switched between so many pills, she definitely spent thousands of dollars, I’m not even exaggerating. But nothing ever worked for me, so I went through school and 5 years after school with hating how I looked and I didn’t own a piece of clothing that showed my back.

But now thanks to #TheHSE and the nutrition support from it, I have never been happier!!!! I can finally wear a singlet and walk out of the house without make up! It has seriously changed my life.”


“So the main reason for doing the program was the get rid of my eczema and gain more energy. Being a single mother to a daughter that is more active then a duracell bunny, I definitely was lacking that. After doing the program & taking the nutritional support advice, I have soo much more energy, I feel so much more healthier, fitter and I’ve literally cut off sugar. I used to have soo much trouble drinking water but since the program, I’ve drink so much more water and I’m actually exercising more.

I used to have so much trouble waking up in the morning and just felt lazy. But every morning now I’m up and on my cross trainer. I feel like a different persoN, Its Amazing and I’ve lost weight and gained muscle (which i didn’t think i would, but YAY for me).

This program has seriously made me more of a confident and happier person and I’m seriously glad i did it. Thankyou for giving me the push to do this and congratulations to all the other people, it’s just so amazing to see all your results.”


“The 3 things I said I wanted to work on most:
1. Improve my hormonal acne , 2. Focus on a more positive mindset , 3. Feel/look less bloated

So how’d I go? I think my before & after picture says it all really. The improvement in my skin has been massive.

This result came from following the nutritional support advice religiously everyday, drinking one #TheHSE smoothie everyday, limiting processed food, eliminating dairy, drinking 2-3 litres of water each & everyday, exercising for at least 30 mins everyday, or aiming for my 10,000 steps daily.

The fact that I had the courage to post this pic shows how much my mental health, self-confidence, & mindset has improved, which was the second thing I really wanted to work on. Lastly my bloating has noticeably decreased, because I’m not eating up to 4 pieces of bread per day anymore!

One piece of dark rye a few times per week is perfect for me, more fresh vegetables, eggs, less meat & more gluten-free options. I’m definitely craving less meat & more plant based foods. My gut is thanking me.

Overall I feel lighter, brighter, more confident & better educated to continue on this awesome path to better health & happiness.”


“My stubborn acne is GONE!

The last 4-5 years has been an ongoing struggle with my skin…although I’ve come to learn that my skin troubles were just my body’s way of telling me something else was going on under the surface. I couldn’t get it figured out for the longest time and I tried ALL the things, creams, masks, washes, elimination diets, and every supplement under the sun but never saw any real improvement until about a year ago when I joined this program and began educating myself more around diet, gut health and the important roles they play in our overall wellness and in my case, the clarity of my skin especially. My gut bacteria was out of whack due to stress and nutritional gaps, and it was showing up largely on my face. I didn’t quite understand it at first, because I ate what I thought was a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and veg but I still wasn’t getting the consistent amount or variety our bodies really need to thrive. 7-13 servings a day is what we’re recommended to consume, and I know now that I certainly wasn’t meeting that on a daily basis. Fast forward 11 months and… a l l c l e a r !!

And not only that.. but I can now handle certain foods I used to be sensitive to, my digestion is on point, my moods are more balanced, my hair is longer and stronger than ever, basically I feel freakin amazing (and I was someone who thought I already felt pretty great to begin with but this is next level).

So now, no more countless supplements or crazy skin regimes. Instead, just giving my body the nutrients and love it needs every single day. The power of whole food nutrition is REAL and I can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out. I started seeing results about 2 months into our program and saw continuous improvements every month after that and now I’m proud to say my skin is completely clear and it feels SO GOOD!”


“It is my first time posting here but have found a lot of helpful inspiration in this group so thank you all!

My main 3 health challenges: 1. Bad digestive health with constant stomach problems. Bloating has always been normality for me. 2. A real lack of energy and 3. Anxiety and my mood; up and down but lately more of the latter.

My goal with this program was to look more toned and feel stronger. I was not overweight but I knew I could feel better. I also wanted to improve my sleep as I was averaging 5hrs a night during the weeks. Mentally, I wanted to improve my mood and wake up in the morning feeling less tired and more motivated. For the last few years I have had some struggles with my mental health, suffering from anxiety and times of depression. I had some tough experiences losing a parent, moving to a new country which was a real challenge at times, ended a long term relationship etc. All these stresses have built up and I suffered one of my worst panic attacks a little while before I started this. I felt that I really had to make a change as I was coming home every day exhausted, emotional and generally low.

I was over doing it with pasta/gluten in general, and eating irregularly and late. Also, I was spending a lot of time at after work drinks and going out on the weekends so not such a good way of getting rest after a hectic week! I was just trying to keep up with a lifestyle that wasn’t right.

I have really seen a difference and learnt so much about myself; how I react to certain foods and how I feel depending on what I eat when. I also know more about what I need to do to feel good, stopping sometimes to think and give myself rest.

Before, I used to go to bed with my heart beating quite often which also increased my anxiety at bedtime. Now I am just tired and fall asleep much easier and calmly after the evening meditation most nights. Getting off caffeine has really shown me that coffee does not do much good for me at all and I think it was a contributing factor along with the stress.

I am happy to have discovered another type of strength in my body, I have tried some new classes focused on strength, but when I could not get there I just did some home workouts. I really feel the need for it now, not just running. I also do my 20min yoga routine in the morning to set myself up and feel like something is missing without it.

Looking at my after photos I can barely believe it! It wasn’t easy at times but it really paid off. I also did my first ever half marathon in 1:39:58! So, I definitely had some good experiences and I feel quite proud of me which is a nice feeling. Lastly, I have felt more motivated at the beginning of the day and feel that my mood is really improving! I am doing things for me. And, no panic attacks since I started this (yippie) so I feel so much more in control.

Of course I have a longer journey in front of me, but this was a great start. I am looking forward to continuing with this movement and see what else can happen! I want to use these results here and apply this power I have to other areas of my life where I need to make changes. If I can do this I can do more!

So, huge thanks and loads of love to my friend and coach Amy!”


“My overall goal prior to starting this was to feel better about myself. To learn to love myself and to think and say positive things about me. I wanted to not crave chocolates and sweets as much as I was and I wanted to learn to love a variety of foods and not just the same old few things that I’ve always loved and eaten. I wanted to have more confidence to return to the gym! I wanted to fix my bloated and upset tummy! I also wanted more energy and motivation… to get up, to go out, to walk my dog and do well at uni!

And those things.. I DID! I didn’t crave sweets and even now, I just don’t want to eat them.

I go to the gym ALL the time! I’ve even got back in to body attack (3 times a week) which I use to love doing!! I tried so many new classes and by myself! I’ve always worn tights to the gym, even though I want to wear shorts! And now I do! I’m so much more confident and happy in myself! As for my bloated and upset tummy, it is so much better than it use to be.

I have so much more energy (as is obvious because I’m at the gym all the time!) and motivation to do things and be out and about. My dog is thankful for that! And my uni grades couldn’t be any better… I finished my topic on 97%!

As a result of this program, I have lost 6.6 kgs, 6.42% body fat, 36.7 centimetres in just 6 weeks and gained so many more things!”



Pretty much my whole life I have suffered from Depression and Anxiety. These mental illnesses affected my relationships, my finances, my fitness, my studies and overall health. I lacked the energy and motivation to do any exercise, to even care what I was putting into my body. I just wanted to stay in bed all day and do nothing, waiting to wake up one day feeling miraculously better.

I had barely any friends, I had unreliable income, I was pushing family away left, right and centre. I was binge eating, then fasting, my idea of exercise was 10 squats. I had tried all the fad diets and fitness routines and would be so disheartened when I didn’t get the results.

I had made some progress in my mental health in the year before starting this program, but even finding time to meditate was exhausting. Every day I was left without energy to fight for the next one and found it very easy to fall into the deep black or have a panic attack when my reserves were this low. But, the miracle did come, and not in any way I had expected it.

Since the FIRST DAY, I have not had a panic attack or depressive episode. I have been on this happiness train for a year now and I have achieved SO many amazing things. This change was like nothing I had seen before, like no medication was able to offer me.

I have since been on a huge journey with all my new found energy. I am no longer mentally exhausted, I have energy for yoga, I have found hobbies, volunteer, am able to create long and lasting friendships and take control of my ‘triggers’, recognising them for what they really are.

In my before picture, you can see how miserable and unhealthy I looked, I was bloated, red and inflamed. I felt horrible and this showed. My second picture is the new me. Full of confidence, sass and love.

If you or anyone you know is affected by mental health or weight problems I strongly recommend starting with the amazing program available through the Healthstyle Emporium.”


“So happy with my results from the program which for me is definitely not over. I have loved learning how to incorporate better eating choices into mine & my families life but also i feel better emotionally & physically. This was a great step to kick start a healthier lifestyle. Thank you to my coach Christine for helping me along the way. I have been using the nutritional support advice and my skin has never been better.”